6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Adult Class
Teacher: Eric Brown
Topic/Study: Romans
Location: Downstairs, Hope Classroom by Fellowship Hall

Adult Class
Teacher: Wayne Cowhick
Topic/Study: Transformed by Rick Warren
Location: Upstairs, 1st door on the right

Women’s Class
Teacher: Krystal Jackson
Topic/Study: Deuteronomy
Location: Downstairs by the Fellowship Hall

Men’s Class
Teacher: Jason Jackson & Ricky Easterwood
Topic/Study: Rick Burgess Life Podcasts
Location: Fellowship Hall

Teacher: Ms. Minnie and Ms. Carolyn
Location: Nursery

Children’s Class (3 – 4 Years Old)
Teacher: Haley Forbus and Beverly Bain
Location: Upstairs, Pre-K Room

Children’s Class (K – 2nd Grade)
Teacher: Becca Averitte
Location: Upstairs, 1st – 2nd Grade Room

Children’s Class (3rd – 4th Grade)
Teacher: Clay Greene
Location: Upstairs, 3rd – 4th Grade Room

Children’s Class (5th-6th Grade)
Teacher: Celia Weldon
Location: Upstairs Last Room on Right

Youth Class
Teacher: Tony Arnold
Location: Youth Room