Build & Send
By God’s Spirit
The Born Again Experience
Give Me This Water!
Great Churches Love People!
Great Churches Magnify Jesus
I Need
It’s That Time
The People Had A Desire To Work   Bulletin
We Are Just Passing Through
The Nation Whose God Is The Lord
America Needs a Miracle – America Needs A Revival
The Measure Of A Man
Memorial Day Is A Special Day To Remember
Going The Distance
Everybody is Somebody in the Body of Christ
A Mom’s Love Resembles God’s Love
Finding Delight In The Church
What Makes A Church
Is America In Trouble
Please Let’s Not Miss Easter
Lord Please Heal Our Land
Turn From Our Wicked Ways
Glory of God
What Happens To Those Who Seek The Lord
Time to Pray
Humility, Humbleness, And Hypocrisy
I AM With You
Who Are Called By His Name
Characteristics We Might Need To Learn From An Eagle
Maybe It Is Time To Build A New House
Thanksgiving Is Good For Us
What Makes For A Healthy Church
Jesus Is Coming Back
We Do Have Hope
Pleasing God
Living To Please God
Now We Can Really Live
A Strong Church Is A Church That Cares
Suffering For The Word Of God
Needed : Parental Spiritual Leadership
Being an Effective Church
A Church That Was Waiting and Willing (Part 2)
A Church That Was Waiting and Willing
A Church that Made a Difference
Ready or Not the Lord is Coming Back
The Righteous and Wicked
Are We Robbing God?
The Freedom Bought By Jesus Christ
Who Can Endure The Day Of His Coming
Are You The Man
Judgment Day Is Coming
Could God Be Upset With Us
Forever And Ever Amen
Don’t Forget To Remember But Let’s Move On
The Need For Committed Leadership
The Mother Hen’s Call
I Wonder If God Is Pleased With Us
Why Debate With God
Understanding The Story
Open Our Eyes Lord
Why Debate With God
Why I Am Preaching Through The Books
Explaining and Describing The Lord’s Supper
A Pattern We Can All Follow
The Unfortunate End To The Story
The Trumpet Call
Running On Empty
Faith Over Fear
Don’t Quit. The Lord Is In The Repair Business
Can I Have A Do Over?
Asleep Below Deck
What Does 2020 Hold For Us
The Christ of Christmas
We Cannot Be A Christian If We Are Not Born Again
We Are Not A Christian If We Enjoy Sin
We Not Christians Just Because We Say We Are
Jonah Has A Mission
The Important Book of Jonah
Our Often Overlooked and Powerful Weapon
Holy Communion
Take Hold of Your Weapon (Part 2)
Take Hold of Your Weapon
Watch The Head
Snake Bite Antidote
The Importance of The Shield
Choose The Right Shoes
Complete Forgiveness
Living In Christ
Coming Clean With God
Put On The Breastplate of Righteousness
Communion Is Response To An Invitation
Freedom Can Be Dangerous
The Godly Father
The Belt of Truth (Part 2)
The Belt of Truth
Mother’s Day
Satan Detests a Unified Church
The Lord is Looking for Us
He Is Alive
The Triumphal Entry of Jesus Our Messiah
7 Lies of Satan
Satan is Real
The Battle Rages
Be Strong, But How?
Christians and Work Ethics
Eating With Jesus
God’s Vision for His Church (Part 3)
God’s Vision For His Church (Part 2)
God’s Vision For His Church
Death Valley Days